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Thermage is one of the highly acclaimed specialty projects of Toronto's high-end medical beauty M Medi Spa. Thermage is the key point of skin aging to stop damage. Deep heating technology allows collagen to shrink, tighten and lift, and continue to regenerate collagen, achieving the effect of making the skin plump and full for a long time.


The key to the stopping point of skin aging-Thermage:

Deep heating technology allows collagen to shrink, firm and lift, and regenerate collagen, making the skin plump for a long time.

Staying up late to browse mobile phones is the norm. Unknowingly, the face becomes loose, the bags under the eyes become more prominent, and the skin tone becomes duller and more matted. In addition, stress and aging promotes the loss of collagen. Due to the decrease in the support of the elastic structure, the lower forehead line is not obvious, the facial contour line is blurred, and other early aging phenomena appear one by one. Due to the decrease in support of the elastic structure, the lower forehead lines are not noticeable, the facial contour lines are blurred, and other early aging phenomena appear one by one.


M Medi Spa is a professional authorized medical institution of Thermage®Thermage in Canada

People who are most suitable for Thermage

  • Upper face: sagging eyebrows, fine lines around the forehead, sagging eyelids
  • Middle face: dull skin, enlarged pores, sagging apple muscles
  • Lower face: sagging lower forehead, double chin, Baby fat, drooping neck, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, and deepened marionette patterns
  • Body: Abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs are loose

Applicable area and function

Full face firming

Eyelid lift







Thermage® has already exceeded 1 million treatments worldwide. It is a non-invasive radio frequency (RF) anti-aging technology that has been clinically proven to tighten the skin and produce new collagen.

M Medi Spa is now using the latest Canadian version of Thermage CPT™ RF probe, which can be targeted and positioned, deep into the skin through a volumetric heating transfer method, for precise treatment. The unique cooling system will automatically protect the superficial skin tissues to improve comfort. Enjoy the new anti-aging and firming technology under the safety and professional technology.

Treatment time: 2-3 hours

Recovery period: none or small symptoms of reddish skin

The recommended course of treatment: once every 6-12 months

1. What is Thermage

Thermage, also known as Sumeiji, is the transliterated name of Thermage in English. Thermage was first approved by the US FDA in 2002 and entered the market for medical aesthetics. Thermage is a single-stage radio frequency, which requires electrodes to be attached to form a loop. Radiofrequency generates a high-frequency conversion electromagnetic field in the human skin treatment area. The water molecules in the skin oscillate at high frequency, rotate at high speed, and generate heat. When it reaches a specific temperature, it can cause collagen fibers to shrink and regenerate to achieve the effects of firming, lifting, and anti-wrinkle.

2. The principle of Thermage

  • Emergency Response

The radiofrequency electric field forms the focal surface. The skin is stimulated at a depth of about 2.6~3mm under the skin, reversible damage occurs, and collagen fibers are produced during the damage repair process to achieve the effect of firming and removing wrinkles.

  • Ionization penetration

The radiofrequency electric field can change the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane. Through the depolymerization reaction of the radio frequency electric field, the water ion channel of the cell membrane is opened, and the permeability between cells is increased. At the same time, under the action of electromagnetic wave focusing and gravitation, the ionized water and nutrients on the epidermis are more likely to penetrate the dermal tissue.

  • Melting fat reaction

When the radio frequency electric field acts on the subcutaneous tissue, the ratio of the temperature of the subcutaneous fat to the temperature of the dermal tissue is 8:1. After the fatty tissue absorbs energy, it is softened, contracted, and decomposed, making the skin firm and elastic.

3. Thermage treatment indications

  • Facial anti-aging:  The facial treatment head can improve static facial wrinkles, enhance the double chin, and lift firm skin.
  • Anti-aging for eyes:  The eye treatment head can tighten loose skin around the eyes.
  • Anti-aging for the whole body:  It can be treated with waist and abdomen shaping, buttocks shaping, leg shaping, and butterfly sleeves.

4. Under what circumstances shall not receive Thermagee

  • People who have a pacemaker or other similar electronic device implanted in the body
  • Pregnant
  • People who have taken oral isotretinoin therapy in the past nine months
  • There are fillers inside, such as gold wire implants on the face
  • Patients with severe heart disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism
  • People who have not healed surgical wounds
  • Patients with advanced tumor
  • People who have unrealistic fantasies about the effects

Frequently asked questions about Thermage

1. I heard that Thermage hurts?

Anesthetics will be applied before the treatment. As the therapy is superimposed, there will be some pain in the back, and some people feel no pain at all. There will be hot spots in the mandibular and cheekbones, which can be tolerated. You can also lower the energy level according to the situation. The higher the energy within a specific range, the better the effect, but it is based on everyone’s ability to bear it.

2. How long can the effect of Thermage be maintained after one treatment?

The younger the skin is, the stronger the ability to stimulate renewal, generally maintained for 1 to 5 years. Depending on the age, the usual maintenance status will be different.

3. When will the result appear?

After the treatment, the collagen shrinks, and the skin tightening and lifting effect can be seen immediately after the treatment. It takes 3 to 6 months to regenerate collagen. Generally, the result will be more evident after three months of treatment.

4. Are there any side effects of Thermage treatment?

The regular operation of the regular equipment generally has no side effects. Local erythema, edema, blisters, etc. May appear, which will return to normal after about 1 week.

5. Is Thermage suitable for people over 35 years old?

The treatment is not based on age but the indications of the skin. If the skin has already begun to appear sagging by 25, you should receive this treatment. And the younger the skin, the stronger the ability to regenerate the skin. Prevention is greater than the treatment and when you start your anti-aging treatments earlier, you will look younger than your peers.

6. How often is the treatment interval?

According to each person’s skin condition, the interval is at least half a year, usually 1-2 years. It is fine to do it at intervals of 5 years if the skin is well cared for.

  • The skin will be a little red after Thermage treatment, and it will return to normal in about two hours.
  • Avoid washing your face with hot water, bathing in hot springs, and steaming in a sauna within 1 week after treatment. Apply sun protection when you go out.
  • After finishing Thermage, the skin will be a little dry, so moisturizers should be properly used. Apply the mask once a day for the first 3 days.
  • Makeup can be done two days after the operation and makeup as light as possible within the week.




1. If you simply want to improve the sagging, choose thermage directly;

2. If you want to fight to age & improve skin texture & solute shaping, then choose Fotona 4D Pro eurostar, which is relatively more cost-effective.

3. From the perspective of improving skin quality alone, the difference in the degree of fineness of the skin after the two treatments is not significant, so both can be selected.

4. The two are, of course, very suitable for additive treatment, and the 1+1 effect is greater than 2. The levels of activity of the two are different, and the depth of action is also different. Still, the focus is complementary, and superimposed treatment can achieve a very comprehensive and complete effect. If the order is arranged, it is recommended to do thermage first, and then do Fotona 4D Pro eurostar at an interval of 1 month. Later, Fotona 4D Pro can be used for daily anti-aging maintenance or local fat-melting tightening and strengthening. At the same time, the thermage the therapeutic effect is also a good continuation and consolidation.


Regarding this issue, it can be said that it is a “Fair fight.” the two have different advantages. The treatment is also aimed at different levels. One is radiofrequency treatment, and the other is laser treatment; one is “Fine” treatment, and the other is “Wide” treatment!

Compared with thermage’s strong anti-aging pertinence, Fotona 4D Pro is more of a comprehensive maintenance project, and the effect is reflected in continuous maintenance.


The big reason why thermage and fotona 4d are compared is that both are non-invasive anti-aging methods: no skin breakage, no injection, no medicine, no recovery period. It will not affect daily life and work.

Both can achieve anti-aging treatments on the face, eyes, and neck in terms of treatment sites.



Thermage is a unipolar radio frequency, which generates a high-frequency converted electromagnetic field in the dermis, causing the water molecules in the skin to oscillate at a high frequency, rotate at high speed, and generate heat. When it reaches a specific temperature, it can cause collagen fibers to shrink and stimulate collagen regeneration to achieve the purpose of firming, lifting, and anti-wrinkle. To put it simply, let the loose skin stick back in place.

Fotona 4d pro is a powerful laser platform. The doctor uses two laser modes for different levels of fascia, subcutaneous fat, dermis, and epidermis by calling different wavelengths and types of lasers to solve the corresponding problems in batches; the combination of multiple levels of improvement will eventually form an overall full-level anti-aging effect. It can improve various skin problems simultaneously, such as firming the skin, dissolving fat, removing dark circles, removing wrinkles and anti-aging, whitening, rejuvenating, lifting, and firming.

It can be seen that the effect of thermage lifting is the most significant and specific.

Fotona 4D Pro has multiple effects on lifting, firming, skin tone, and elasticity.


The heat generated by thermage through radio frequency heating is higher, and the heating of the bottom layer of the skin is focused. During the operation, there is an apparent thermal pain. At the same time, to avoid skin burns, a cooling system is installed.

The Fotona 4D Pro has a lower temperature, no exceptional cooling is required, and the temperature is controllable, giving people a more comfortable experience. The whole process only has a warm feeling for oral treatement and happens without any pain.


Thermage has significant energy in a single session, and the skin needs enough time to repair it. Generally, once a year is more appropriate.

The Fotona 4D Pro is relatively mild and can be used as daily care, and can be operated again within 1-2 months. Therefore, the treatment course is often set more, which can be used as a daily regular anti-aging treatment to maintain the consolidation effect after thermage.

To summarize, Fotona 4D Pro is more gentle and protects the skin better; there is no heat pain, the experience is better, and it is more suitable for long-term maintenance of curative effects.
The operation is simple, no surgery is required, and the depth of action can be adjusted so that the skin can be repaired naturally at multiple levels. It is more natural than injection beauty; compared to thermage, it is also more every day.
As the safest non-invasive laser technology system recognized in the industry, Fotona 4D Pro perfectly fulfills the high anti-aging beauty demands that beauty lovers need to be fast and secure.


From the perspective of technical principles, the fourth-generation thermage cpt has no essential difference from the fifth-generation thermage flx. Both use monopolar rf technology, which can stimulate collagen to tighten and increase and achieve firming the skin and enhancing the contours. Compared with other instruments, monopolar radiofrequency penetration is more profound, full-layer heating and single-shot curative effect are better.



Q1: Does Thermage & American Ultherapy work the same way?

Answer: The working principle of Thermage is different from that of the American Ultherapy. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology, and the American Ultherapy uses ultrasonic technology.

  • Thermage is “Radio Lifting”

Thermage is to conduct high-energy radiofrequency heat generation to the skin layer, use the epidermis to penetrate the heat into the entire dermis, and activate the body’s collagen regeneration system to produce a large amount of new collagen achieve long-term skin lifting and firming effect.

  • American Ultherapy is “Sonic Lift”

The American Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin of the face, neck, and chest in a non-surgical manner. This technique can act on the fascial tissue layer of the skin, about 4.5mm deep under the skin. It also emits matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6-12 million times per second, generating a temperature of 65-70 degrees, helping the dermal fiber layer to form effective thermal damage, and re-firming sagging skin.

Q2: Is Thermage & American Ultherapy the same depth of treatment?

Answer: The Thermage is different from the American Ultherapy. Thermage reaches the deepest dermis layer, and the American Ultherapy can contact the SMAS fascia layer directly.

Thermage layer depth is less than 3.0mm

The deepest can reach the dermis, and the energy is released in the dermis and epidermis and cannot reach the SMAS fascia layer.

  • Ultherapy has multiple depths

The Ultherapy has three treatment probes of 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm, of which 4.5mm can reach the SMAS fascia directly.

Q3:Thermage &American Ultherapy. Are the treatment temperature and energy the same?

Answer: The energy of Thermage is different from that of the American Ultherapy. Thermage can reach 40-50 degrees, and the American Ultherapy can reach 60-70 degrees.

Thermage can conduct energy through the epidermis to the deeper dermis. It is from the outside to the inside. It uses a large area of ​​heating instead of focusing. The skin heating temperature can reach 40-50 degrees, promoting collagen regeneration and making the skin younger.

The Ultherapy has three treatment probes, and different probes have different depths of action. The probe can act on the SMAS fascia, subcutaneous fat, and dermis, respectively. The energy is conducted from the inside to the outside, and the skin heating temperature can reach 60-70 degrees.

Q4: Is Thermage & American Ultherapy for the same problem?

Answer: Thermage and American Ultherapy are different in terms of problems. Thermage focuses on firming, and American Ultherapy focuses on improvement.

  • Thermage acts as a face

It has a wide range of activities and mainly focuses on removing wrinkles and firming. This is suitable for people who want to improve skin collagen deficiency and wrinkles on the face.

  • Ultherapy acts in the form of points

Focusing on deep firming, the effect of lifting sagging tissue is superior and suitable for people who want to improve sagging skin.

Q5: Can Thermage & American Ultherapy be done together?

Answer: Thermage and American Ultherapy can be done together. The combination of the two can be called the super anti-aging combination.

Ultherapy and Thermage are both anti-aging adjuvant treatment items and have their advantages. More importantly, how to choose depends on the specific situation of the beauty seeker. Since the two can effectively combine point and surface, they can complement each other.

Ultherapy treatment is more profound and more precise. When designing lines, avoid nerve-rich areas, so they are mainly concentrated on the soft tissues. It can act on the fascia layer that Thermage can’t reach, and the skin tightening effect is more substantial.

Thermage can treat nerve-rich small areas that Ultherapy cannot involve, such as the eye area and nasolabial folds.

Q6: Can Thermage & American Ultherapy be done together with microplastic surgery? 

Answer: Thermage and American Ultherapy can be combined with microplastic surgery and can be combined with face-lift needles and hyaluronic acid fillings.

If the contour of the face is not smooth, microcrystalline porcelain, face-lifting needles, and other methods should be considered a superimposed treatment.

If the soft tissues of the face have been lost, it is necessary to consider hyaluronic acid filling and autologous fat filling.


1. M Medi Spa is one of the earliest comprehensive medical aesthetic clinics in Toronto and certified by the Canadian medical regulatory agency.

2. Adhere to the Asian aesthetics, and the professional medical team has registered the certification qualification of the Canadian medical organization. Relying on the accumulated rich clinical experience of Asian clients, our medical staff have passed the official high-level training of the head office. They are familiar with the operation of instrumental medical beauty projects, which are safe and risk-free.

3. Before treatment, the center provides professional VISIA skin test and data analysis, 1v1 private consultation, and customized plans according to the client’s current skin conditions and anti-aging needs. During the treatment, the center monitors and grasps the energy output power, pulse width, and pulse transmission combination in real-time to achieve a multi-dimensional anti-aging effect.

4. [professional medical-grade facial mask] is provided after the operation to achieve moisturizing, soothing, repairing, and calming effects and to provide you with the most standardized, safe, and complete Thermage treatment.

5. The comprehensive anti-aging medical and beauty treatment leader in Toronto, a designated institution with authorized genuine top-level equipment. Thermage can be directly combined with Fotona 4D and “Inverse age black technology” for combined treatment to double the final effect.

6. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million, giving you more peace of mind in the rare case if anything ever goes wrong.

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