Fire Phoenix non-invasive slimming lipolysis
TightSculpting Fire Phoenix non-invasive slimming lipolysis laser, using Fotona's dual-wavelength laser and patented Piano technology and combined with Smooth technology, can heat and destroy fat cells while remodeling collagen to achieve the three primary goals of lipolysis which are shaping, skin tightening, and repair after liposuction.

The non-stripping bait laser mode is used to monitor the skin temperature in real-time throughout the treatment process to ensure that the skin is safe and painless and there is no downtime. Non-contact treatment, suitable for any part of the body, is not limited by body curvature, fat thickness, treatment area size, etc. There are a variety of scanning methods and frequencies to choose from. From the maximum scanning area which can reach 76*84cm, the scanning speed is fast, and the heating is uniform, easy to operate, and the effect is immediate.  It is suitable for treating the double chin, neck, loosen triceps, abdomen, etc. to improve loose skin and achieve the effect of dissolving fat and shaping.

The principle of non-invasive fat melting of Eurostar Fire Phoenix?

Fire Phoenix uses a non-invasive slimming laser with a classic dual-wavelength design. The patented Piano ultra-long pulse width heating technology and Smooth, the fast tightening technology which is perfectly combined. By heating to destroy the production of fat cells and collagen to achieve the dual effects of skin firming and fat-dissolving shaping, it is non-invasive and painless.

What are the steps of the Eurostar Fire Phoenix fat-melting process?

    1. Piano deep heating to melt fat

Fat metabolism: Nd: YAG 1064nm laser piano patented technology conducts heat energy to the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. When heated at 45°C for 3 minutes, 60% of the fat cells will lose their activity.

Promote blood circulation: The increase in local blood flow takes away the metabolites of fat cells, which are transported to the blood through lymphatic capillaries, and then metabolized, transformed, or excreted in the body.

    1. Smooth and firm skin

In this step, Fire Phoenix uses the Er: YAG 2940nm laser in the patented Smooth mode to conduct laser heat to the 200-700um dermal layer through heat accumulation. The heating temperature can reach above 55°, instantly shrinking the skin, effectively stimulating the remodeling and renewal of collagen, to achieve the effect of tightening and improving relaxation.

What are the advantages of Eurostar Fire Phoenix Fat Melting?

Dual-wavelength therapy, All-around functionalities
One-stop non-invasive lipolysis, firming and repair laser. No postoperative complications, and can also be used as an auxiliary system for other post-lipotherapy repairs.

Non-invasive, painless, no downtime
“Lunch-style cosmetology,” non-invasive treatment, real-time monitoring of the epidermal temperature throughout the whole process, to ensure that the epidermal treatment is safe and painless. After treatment, there is no downtime.

Adapt to any part of the body
The non-contact treatment has intelligent variable spots to detect the places where it needs to operate, is suitable for any part of the body and not restricted by body curve, fat thickness, treatment area, etc., to achieve personalized treatment.

Eurostar Fire Phoenix has a wide range of applications for fat dissolving

It is effective for loose fat and large areas such as the abdomen and side waist. Its treatment probes are diversified, which can slim the abdomen, buttocks, and remove fat on small parts of the arm, thumb, loose triceps and inner thigh.


The Phoenix Non-invasive Slimming Laser can adjust the size of the light spot according to the fat-dissolving part, and the operation is flexible. In addition to the details mentioned above, it can also solve the unevenness or protrusion of small parts such as the shoulders, double chin, and eye bags. It is suitable for any body parts and is not affected by the body curve, fat thickness, and treatment area.

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