Thermage for Body
Thermage is a monopolar radiofrequency certified by multiple countries. It can directly penetrate the epidermis to heat the dermis, avoiding thermal damage to the outer layer of the skin, and will not cause any discomfort. Thermage is safer and more effective than a surgical facelift, also called an electric wave facelift.

Thermage for body

Do you know? A person’s life span is about 30,000 days.

After the age of 25, collagen begins to decrease day by day.

After the age of 30, collagen is lost at a rate of 300-500mg/day. The face droops at a rate of 0.02cm per year, and the drooping speed of women is 3 times faster than that of men.


Then after the age of 35, a person’s facial appearance will be changed significantly, the eyelid fold, nasolabial fold, and angular fold gradually appear in the facial three-eight lines. Then the cheeks are loose, droop, and the aging of the face becomes more and more apparent.


Every five years, the rate of skin laxity increases exponentially. This is how we look older day by day.

But why do celebrities always look radiant and brilliant? What you know is that they take a variety of health products, collagen, and other beauty products. What you don’t know is that they apply secret techniques on their face. As the saying goes, ” Thermage is better than take a truckload of collagen.”

Bipolar radiofrequency cannot emit a uniform, complete and extensive amount of heat like monopolar radiofrequency. When receiving traditional radiofrequency treatment, the immediate effect is excellent. Still, due to the depth and intensity of the treatment, the effect lasts for a relatively short time, and the treatment is often performed once a month to ensure continuous impact. Monopolar radiofrequency can penetrate deep into the skin for 10mm~20mm, whereas bipolar radiofrequency can only penetrate deep into the skin for 2~4mm.

In addition to helping tighten the skin on the face and promote collagen regeneration in all layers of the skin, Thermage can safely and effectively treat most of the body’s skin. Some examples are, and not limited to, the abdomen, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks. Thermage can also temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What problems can be improved by the Thermage for body?

    • Saggy skin on thighs, cellulite;
    • The neck skin is loose and sagging, with deep necklines (commonly known as turkey neck);
    • Abdominal skin is loose, stretch marks.

How many treatments are needed in total?

A single treatment of Thermage takes about 2-2.5 hours.

Who is not suitable for Thermage?

    • Pregnant women
    • There are metal implants in the body (such as steel plate, pacemaker, etc.);
    • Patients with severe hypertension, heart disease, and hyperthyroidism;
    • People with severe facial trauma;
    • Obese people are not suitable for Thermage, as the effect will not be noticeable.

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