Silkpeel vacuum spa rejuvenation
SILK PEEL DERMALINFUSION® Vacuum Diamond Microdermabrasion + Serum Infusion Therapy is a non-invasive 3-in-1 vacuum skin rejuvenation therapy certified by the US FDA. This therapy uses essences for specific conditions to remove, extract, and inject into the skin at the same time to solve all skin problems. It is the first and only time-focused exfoliating technology combined with the essence infusion treatment. It can provide instant, long-lasting, and ideal profound treatment effects for various skin types without adverse effects.

Silkpeel vacuum spa rejuvenation

The unique embedded diamond grinding head can remove dry and damaged cells and dead skin keratin. The negative pressure vacuum suction painlessly takes away the dirt in the pores, solves the clogging of pores, reduces the size of the pores, and doubles the skin’s ability to absorb the essence. With specific medical-grade high-efficiency essence, it can introduce nutrients to the skin in real-time and absorb them quickly.

    • The treatment time is short, combines cleansing, dermabrasion, and essence all at once. This will be fast and time-saving
    • Suitable for face, neck, and whole body
    • The instrument has been certified by the US FDA and clinically proven results. Real-time results, significant effects
    • The course of treatment is painless, comfortable, and doesn’t have side effects

The diamond energy head emits a slight quantum energy wave in the process of gently sliding on the surface of the skin, which penetrates the basal layer of the skin and under the dermis and “sucks” out the aging and dead cells on the surface of the skin. On the other hand, the deep lymphotoxin shaken out by the quantum energy wave is sucked out of the body and discharged into the recovery bottle through the waste liquid outlet tube.

The entire skin rejuvenation process takes about 30 minutes. The treatment promotes collagen regeneration, increases skin elasticity and plump facial skin. After three courses of the treatment, it can significantly improve skin health. This treatment method is also suitable for body treatment.

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