RADIESSE is a non-toxic, non-antigenic, non-carcinogenic, non-allergen-containing calcium compound. It is one of the normal components of the human body and has been used in human clinical applications for more than 25 years. It has been approved by the US FDA, EU CE Mark, and Taiwan Department of Health as a soft tissue filler for facial contouring.

Radiesse composition: microcrystalline porcelain is a kind of “biological soft ceramic” with microcrystalline particles. The main structure and composition is Calcium Hydroxylapatite CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite).

The effectiveness of Radiesse: This composition is similar to the mineral composition in human bones and teeth with 100% biocompatibility and biodegradability. In the past, it was often used as a raw material for plastic sugery, ENT and dentistry. It has been used clinically for more than 25 years, and it is a very safe and mature material.


    1. Maintains a long-term effect: Compared with commonly used injection implants such as hyaluronic acid, the maintenance effect of microcrystalline porcelain is longer. In most treatments, the result can last more than 18-24 months. However, the treatment should vary according to each person’s conditions. These conditions include the individual’s age, skin, lifestyle, and the activity of their muscle tissue.
    2. High safety factor: Radiesse has better biocompatibility and will not cause toxicity and allergic reactions to the human body. Generally, skin testing and examinations are not required before treatment.
    3. Natural sculpting: After Radiesse is injected into the skin, it will remain soft and adhere to the tissues, and then the doctor will perform the shaping by the skillful hands of the doctor. If the patient is not satisfied with the sculpting result, it can be adjusted within two hours. Due to the calcium content, Radiesse can provide better support and maintenance than other materials.
    4. No displacement: Radiesse also has a specific effect of stimulating the new generation of autologous collagen. The new tissue will wrap the microcrystalline ceramic crystal ball, so it cannot cause displacement.
    5. Decomposability: After being injected into the tissue, the shaped gel in Radiesse will be dissolved and absorbed within a few months. The new tissue will surround the microcrystalline ceramic crystal ball. After a while, the microcrystalline ceramic ball will slowly be absorbed through regular metabolism.
    6. Short recovery: Radiesse can be injected into the area to be filled through a 27G fine needle. The injection wound is small and has a short recovery period.


Inject Radiesse into the set target position by injection, such as nose, cheekbones, temples, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, chin, cheeks, defect dents, etc.; but do not inject into the orbital periosteum, lips, or mucous membrane, as white knots are easy to form white nodules.

Eliminate facial wrinkles (deeper): lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, laugh lines.

Lips: Includes the improvement of the appearance of the lips and the chin.

Nose: Includes heightened nose and nose shape modification.

Cheeks: including plump cheeks.

Filling acne pits and heads: The pits and scars caused by acne are included.


Before the Treatment

Those who have the following conditions should not use Radiesse:

    1. Those who are not suitable for plastic injection molding;
    2. Patients with a history of severe allergies, autoimmune diseases, keloids, active infections, or acute skin diseases;
    3. Those who are taking Aspirin or Warfarin;
    4. People under the age of 18 should not use Radiess;
    5. Radiess is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

After the Treatment

    1. If there is swelling and pain after the treatment, apply ice for a short time to reduce the pain.
    2. It can be squeezed lightly within 48 hours after the injection to shape it. Still, you should avoid pressing the treated area vigorously or have strenuous exercise and avoid excessive facial movements and pressing during washing.
    3. Within one week after the injection, you should avoid visiting high-temperature places or overexposing to the sun until the swelling and redness disappear.
    4. The redness or bruising may occur 3-4 days after the treatment, and ice can be applied depending on the situation. Redness or bruises are normal and will gradually recover in about a week. After 1-2 weeks of treatment, there may be a feeling of tightness, after which the treated area will become soft.
    5. Do not use the sauna, oven, and steam room for the time being after the treatment, until after you return to the clinic.
    6. If not necessary, don’t use other skincare products or makeup during the recovery period. Doctors should remind as much as possible to avoid applying makeup and unnecessary skincare products.
    7. If the patient is currently taking aspirin or other similar medications, please note that this may increase the possibility of bruising or bleeding in the injection area. Please temporarily discontinue such drugs until recovery.

The difference between Radiess and Hyaluronic acid

Radiess lasts longer than hyaluronic acid, but hyaluronic acid can be metabolized entirely and Radiess can’t. If you don’t like it, you may have to remove it by other forms of treatment.

The difference between hyaluronic acid and Radiess is that its maintenance time is not that long, but hyaluronic acid is better for safety. After all, hyaluronic acid is the most absorbent material for our skin, and its sculpting effect is also perfect. For some friends who want to change their noses more tactfully, you can use hyaluronic acid.

Radiess: Radiess is what we call a bone powder. It is suitable for parts that need three-dimensional shape, parts that require stronger support, and noses that want more elasticity and supporting force.

Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is a kind of acid that resides in the skin. It is suitable for thin skin areas such as the eyes and mouth. It is ideal for the static frown lines and those who wish to have soft and natural plump cheeks. As hyaluronic acid is injected into the human body, it will be absorbed and degraded by the body. So, the general effect can last for six months to one year. If you want to prolong the retention effect, you can inject hyaluronic acid again.

After Radiess is injected into the skin, it will remain soft and adhere to the tissues. The doctor will perform the sculpting with their skillful hands. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can make another adjustment within two hours. Because it contains calcium, Radiess can provide better support and maintenance than other materials.

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