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Many people find that they don't have too much meat on their bodies, but there is a lot of fat on their chins. The double chin or even the multi-layered chin comes out, so it was very annoying. In today's digital era, mobile phones are inseparable from us. Whether it's walking, shopping, or partying, basically everyone is " phubbing." The double chin also gradually appears because of loose skin caused by long-term phubbing. "Double chin" is the more commonly known phrase for people with this fat, and it is medically called the mandibular fat pocket. The cause may be obesity, skin aging, face shape, long-term lifestyle, and other problems. Today, we will introduce you to a revolutionary beauty product, the savior of double chin-"double chin" liposuction needle Belkyra (ATX-101).

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is another revolutionary beauty product developed by Allergan, the world’s top beauty injection manufacturer. It is the first and only lipolytic injection approved by Australia TGA and US FDA for cosmetic purposes. This is also known as “Kybella” in the United States. Belkyra eliminates double chin through the action of ATX-101.

ATX-101 is an artificial deoxycholic Acid (deoxycholic Acid), a substance naturally present in the human body that helps breaking down fat. In clinical trials, ATX-101 can effectively eliminate submental fat and improve the overall appearance.

So far, the most effective way to get rid of double chin is liposuction. Belkyra, as a revolutionary product in the beauty industry, will provide a high-quality non-surgical treatment option for people with “double chin”. Most patients can achieve satisfactory results after 2-4 injections. In addition, the general liposuction needle only dissolves the fat but cannot thoroughly remove it, while Belkyra can completely remove the fat cells without worrying about the growth of a double chin.

The only lipolysis needle approved by the Food and Drug Administration

Belkyra is currently the only lipolytic injection that has been dual-certified by the Canadian Food and Drug Administration Health Canada and the US FDA. As we all know, the Canadian Food and Drug Administration (Therapeutic and Diagnostic Drug Administration) certification is one of the most stringent certifications globally. The accreditation of medicines is a guarantee of safety and professionalism. No surgery is required. It naturally metabolizes chin fat, solves the trouble of chin fat, and instantly has a charming and compact chin.

Belkyra (known as “Kybella” in the United States) can permanently “melt” the fat in the chin, bringing you a smooth, well-defined jawline. Belkyra is a non-surgical treatment. It can optimize your facial shape and contour as a whole by destroying the cellulite gathered in the chin. It is an excellent alternative treatment for liposuction. Belkyra uses a simple injection technique to break down or “melt” the fat in the target area, bringing your natural facial lines again and achieving a permanent effect. Based on the current fat content, the doctor will recommend one or a series of treatments. The effect of the treatment is increasing day by day as it becomes more and more evident within a few months, so no one knows that you have received the treatment but only feel that you are getting more and more beautiful.

Belkyra treatment overview

Best Result
2-4 treatments, one month apart each time

Effect Duration
Based on maintaining the same weight, the effect is permanent

Epidermal Ointment

Risks & complications
Mild discomfort

Treatment time
20 minutes per treatment area

Time required for rework
Return to work immediately


    • Melt chin fat
    • Permanently destroy the fat cells that accumulate in the chin (the culprit of the double chin)
    • Shows a precise contour of the jaw
    • Optimize the side curve to make the lines clearer
    • The first choice does not require surgery to remove the double chin
    • Approved by the U.S. FDA and Health Canada

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