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Fotona Ladylase™uses the non-invasive mode erbium laser of Germany's Fotona Eurostar patented technology. With a 360-degree ring-shape laser probe and precise constant temperature positioning technology, a uniform heating layer is formed on the surface layer of a few hundred microns in the vaginal mucosal tissue, which stimulates and promotes the contraction, regeneration, and reorganization of collagen fibers, thereby improving the vaginal environment, increasing lubrication, elasticity and sensitivity, curing inflammation and relaxation, stress urinary incontinence, with the effect of perineum light color and vulvar correction beauty.

Treatment advantage

    • Smooth non-invasive technology, 360°circular treatment technology
    • Certified by the Canadian Health Department
    • Tens of thousands of safe and effective clinical cases at home and abroad
    • Disposable sterile laser cannula for single-use
    • 80% of women said they could see significant improvement after 2 treatments

Suitable for

    • Sexual discomfort caused by dryness inside and outside the vagina
    • Stress urinary incontinence (coughing/sneezing/exertion during exercise)
    • Intimacy pigmentation
    • Gynecological disease prevention
    • Before treatment, please be sure to go to your clinic for a free PAP Test (gynecological cervical smear) 

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