Golden Mesotherapy
AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ Golden Mesotherapy is an injection device equipped with a 24k pure gold microneedle. The diameter of the injection needle is 0.13m, thinner than the width of hair. The 20 needles at the front end can deliver various nutrients such as hyaluronic acid to the junction layer of the skin, dermis, and epidermis at a depth of 0.6mm-1.0mm.

Golden Mesotherapy

This will achieve intensive whitening, brightening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, acne-reducing, lightened pigments, improved dark circles, reduced pores, controlling oil, anti-wrinkle, and reduced fine and dry lines. There will be no pain and no downtime during and after treatment. The effects are immediate.


Golden Mesotherapy is not only advanced and precise in structure but also very convenient and easy to use. If you need to go on a short trip, but have worries and concerns about dry skin and the lack of proper skincare, our nurses will match your skin with a customized Golden Mesotherapy household formula, allowing you to receive a truly customized Golden Mesotherapy.

Exclusive customized formulas with whitening and moisturizing effects removes fine lines and spots on the face and around the eyes effectively. The new golden needles are thinner than the width of a single strand of hair, allowing you to freeze your age without any discomfort!

It has become a daily “skincare product” and a well-known “moisturizing skin beauty artifact” for entertainers and brides in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Scope of application

    • skin dehydration
    • Roughness
    • Large pores
    • Unevenness
    • Loose dark circles, etc.

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