Fotona SmoothLiftin
The advantage of the Fotona SmoothLiftin is that it can tighten the oral mucosa so that the skin can achieve firmness from the inside out, thereby improving the nasolabial folds and rejuvenating the perioral area.

Fotona SmoothLiftin

Fotona SmoothLiftin is an exclusive non-invasive laser treatment method that heats the skin in the oral cavity through a painless treatment process called “collagen induction” to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin as a whole while also having a plumping effect, similar to a hyaluronic acid filling.

Intraoral treatment is one of the main factors that makes Fotona stand out among other anti-aging devices. For facial lifting equipment, whether they are using ultrasound or radiofrequency electromagnetic waves, we all hope to reach the fascia layer to obtain a more effective, skin tightening effect. Thermage can penetrate the skin up to 4.3mm, close to the fascia layer. Fotona’s 2940nm wavelength combined with the unique smooth mode patented technology, it can quickly tighten the mucosa from the inside of the mouth. The heat will be used closer to the fascia layer from the inside to the outside. Not only can it provide a large amount of energy, but the effect is remarkable and painless.

In Smooth Mode, by accumulating the mucous membrane in the oral cavity, the local temperature increases from 37°C to 65°C to tighten the collagen fibers and start the collagen reorganization. The filling effect is better than the intensive treatment of nasolabial folds.

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