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Fotona 4D is the flagship product of Fotona, a global leading laser company. It was established in 1964 and has 54 years of experience in laser equipment manufacturing. Among them, Fotona 4D is one of the highly acclaimed features of Toronto's high-end medical beauty M Medi Spa.




What is Eurostar Fotona 4D?

Fotona is one of the laser companies with the longest history in the world. The company was established in 1964 and has 54 years of laser equipment manufacturing experience. This anti-aging device is a compliant, legal, and one-stop solution to skin problems and has obtained the US FDA, European CE, and China CFDA certifications.

Deconstructive operation with four laser modes for different levels of fascia, subcutaneous fat, dermis, and epidermis to solve the related problems in batches. Combining multiple levels of improvement will ultimately form an overall effect.

In short, “Fotona 4D” contains four patented technologies, which can solve the problem of skin aging in one stop. For different levels and different problems, the multi laser mode can fix them all in one go. It improves these problems with multi-dimensional concepts, including contour enhancement, skin quality improvement, and wrinkle minimization, resulting in conspicuous effects.

Every core component of Fotona Eurostar Laser comes from its subsidiaries, such as lasers, optical components, coatings, machinery, electronics and software control. Each product is tested under military standards to ensure the highest quality. Fotona 4D is only one of its “one-stop” anti-aging equipment series that solves skin problems. This equipment is an energy system that has been patented for its non-invasive tightening function in a dual-mode.

Fotona 4D has been recognized by the European Union CE, Health Canada, China CFDA, and the US FDA as a non-invasive lipolysis treatment for your face and body. Fotona 4D non-invasive facial shaping laser initiates the world’s most innovative approach for a full-scale anti-aging that integrates the four patented technologies from Eurostar. They are SmoothLiftin, Frac3, Piano, and Superficial. The device created the world's first four-dimensional anti-aging therapy to achieve the treatments for "combined internal and external, stratified therapy". It achieved the effects of dissolving fat, firming skin, and reshaping contours from three aspects: flabby, sagging, and extra fat.


Fotona 4D Pro uses the innovative treatment concept of “Internal and external combined therapy and stratified therapy” and the unique laser technology specializes in providing non-invasive anti-aging treatment for the different aging characteristics of the skin at each age stage and individual needs, to achieve firmness, rejuvenation, dissolve fat, shaping and full-face lifting.



Skin sagging, Apple muscles and corners of the mouth ptosis, Mandible lines and facial contours are vague


Mouth wrinkles, marionette lines, nasolabial lines, fine forehead lines, loose neck skin, neck wrinkles


Fine lines around the eyes, bags under the eyes, dark circles, sagging


Double chin, facial fat accumulation, body fat accumulation


Rough skin, large pores, uneven skin tone, and dullness



Before & After

1. SmileLiftin fast tightening technology

Smooth technology precisely controls the heating temperature of the skin tissue through the intermittent heating of the burst pulse technology to achieve rapid tightening of the skin tissue.

2. Frac3 three-dimensional dot matrix technology

Frac3 technology selectively heats the target colour base and tiny blood vessels in the epidermis and dermis through a short pulse width, forming three-dimensional point-like damage at a specific depth of the skin and stimulating collagen regeneration through the skin damage and repair mechanism to achieve whitening, rejuvenation and firming effects.

3. Piano ultra-long in-seconds heating technology

Piano’s exclusive in-seconds pulse width heating technology takes advantage of pulse laser safety and continuous laser non-selective heating. It homogenizes and heats the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, playing a dual role in dissolving fat and tightening.

4. Superficial micro skin renewal technology

Through the patented VSP adjustable pulse width, cold exfoliation of the superficial epidermis, it diminishes fine lines, shrinks pores, and improves rough skin texture.

Fotona 4D Pro eurostar FAQ

Q1: Why does Fotona 4D Pro need to be treated in the oral cavity?

Because the mucosal tissue in the oral cavity is closest to the fascia layer, it is also the core advantage of Fotona 4D Pro. Treatment in the oral cavity can better conduct heat energy to the fascia layer, which has a more noticeable effect on improving the nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth and tightening the skin around the mouth. Of course, the correct operation will not cause any damage to the oral mucosa, so you can eat and drink as usual after receiving treatment.

Q2: Is the Fotona 4D Pro treatment painful?

No anesthetic is needed before treatment, and the process is comfortable. Of course, the pain varies from person to person, and there will be warm feelings during the process. More than 70% of people will fall asleep during the treatment, and a minimal number of people who are very sensitive to pain will feel that some parts may have a slight tingling sensation.

Q3: Can I receive Fotona 4D Pro treatment if I have metal in my body?

It does not affect the treatment at all. This is also one of the advantages of Fotona 4D Pro because, for thermage, no metal can be contained in the body, but Fotona 4D pro is a laser, so it has no effect.

Q4: Can I receive treatment if I have oral ulcers or wear braces?

Yes, you can receive treatment. The Fotona 4D does not affect them and they do not affect the Fotona 4D.

Q5: How many treatments do I need to see obvious results? How often? How long can the treatment result last?

Fotona 4D Pro is a gradual treatment. The peak of the general effect is about one to two weeks after the treatment and there is a long-term effect of collagen regeneration in the later period. Pre-treatment is generally about once a month, and the primary course of treatment is 3-5 times. If postoperative care is in place, the effect can usually last about 1-2 years.

Q6: Does Fotona 4D Pro have a recovery period?

There is no recovery period and no trace of treatment after the procedure, but the skin condition will be super good, which allows for daily skincare.

Q7: How long does it take to get Fotona 4D Pro after the injection of hyaluronic acid/ botulinum toxin/Lipodissolve injection?

Botulinum toxin and Lipodissolve injection need to wait more than a week. If you want to receive a hyaluronic acid injection, taking Fotona 4D Pro treatment is recommended.

Q8: Do I need an ice compress after finishing Fotona 4D Pro?

After Fotona 4D Pro treatment, there will be immediate redness and swelling, but without pain. The redness and swelling will generally subside within 2 hours, and a very small number of people will have swelling disappear on the second or third day. Usually, ice packs are not needed, and it is generally recommended to keep the thermal stimulation as continuous as possible.

What are the effects of the treatment mode combining these four patented technologies have on the skin’s anti-aging?

1. Smooth, fast tightening mode, acting on submucosal collagen

Fotona 4D’s unique Smooth mode is the first intraoral laser treatment method in China. With 2940 nanometer laser superimposed photothermal effect to be applied to the peripheral parts of the fascia. Since the oral mucosa is closer to the fascia layer, heating from the inside out can increase effectiveness and achieve the best results.

The treatment starts by accumulating the mucous membrane in the oral cavity, the local temperature is increased to 65°C.  Such temperature can tighten the collagen fibers, activate the collagen reorganization, quickly tighten the loose skin, lift the contour, and reduce the nasolabial and marionette lines.

2. Frac3 skin rejuvenation and whitening mode and its effectiveness on the deep dermis

Using lasers to “blast” the accumulation of pigments to produce a 3D lattice laser state in the epidermis and dermis, which stimulates the secretion of type I collagen and type III collagen, so that it promotes skin regeneration and softens delicate skin. It repels the pigment from the deep layer of the skin, thereby improving the uneven and dark yellow facial complexion, achieving the whitening and rejuvenating effect, and restoring the skin’s youthful state.

3. Piano deep heating lipolysis mode, suitable for deep dermis and subcutaneous fat layer

The patented ultra-long pulse width 1064 nanometer laser is used for deep heating, which instantly increases the temperature to above 40-60 degrees, and can be directly used for the superficial fat layer and subcutaneous fat. Under the premise that the epidermis is intact, it can dissolve the excess fat, and accelerate the cellulite metabolism which tightens and achieves a good firming and lifting effect, and improves the problem of indistinctive facial contours.

4. Superficial micro skin renewal mode acting on the epidermis

This step works on the epidermis layer, renewing skin from deep to superficial.   During the cold peeling process, it will not cause any damage to the epidermis. It eliminates the embarrassment of rough skin, large pores, dry and fine lines.

The four modes of Fotona 4D adopt the logic of “comprehensive combination of internal and external therapy” to accomplish the objective of layered tightening. The result is “precise and vigorous”, and the effect for a single tightening and lifting can be successive for 1 to 2 years.

One of the extra special features is that it can act on the delicate areas that are difficult to deal with other anti-aging lasers, such as the eye area, nasolabial folds, and the corners of the mouth. It usually takes about 100 minutes to complete the four modes of treatment.

So, what are the signature advantages of these four patented technologies when applying the Fotona 4D's anti-aging treatment?

1. Stratified treatment, multi-dimensional anti-aging

Eurostar Fotona 4D treatment integrates the four significant steps of skin aging: Skin aging, skin texture aging, contour aging, and tissue volume aging. The anti-aging treatment through the four dimensions of the skin to enhance skin complex, and the simultaneous treatment on the deep and shallow layers to achieve a comprehensive lifting and firming effect, and improve various levels of aging problems, a real treatment approach for multi-dimensional anti-aging

2. Internal and external combined therapy, dual tightening

The unique “internal and external combined therapy and dual tightening” technology quickly tightens the mucosa from the oral cavity, accumulates the heat, and gets closer to the fascia layer to tighten the collagen fibers.  It will initiate the collagen recombination, and achieve the rapid tightening of the skin.  With all these evidences, it is recognized that the firming effect from the “internal and external combined therapy and dual tightening” is more prominent and comprehensive.


3. Intelligent full effect without dead angle treatment

Non-contact treatment, intelligent variable light spot, suitable for any part of the body, not limited by body curvature, fat thickness, treatment area size, etc., truly able to achieve full coverage treatment without any dead angle, acting overall on the eye area, smile lines, and marionette lines. Especially in the eye treatment, it can get rid of eye bags and dark circles while deeply dissolving fat.

4. Comfortable and gentle, no recovery period

Dual-mode for a patented system of non-invasive tightening and non-invasive energy system, comfortable temperature control, no anesthetics, no traces, and no invasiveness to achieve extreme facial lift and body shaping; there is no recovery period; you can leave right after the treatment.

In general, Fotona 4D is worth recommending in the anti-aging treatment, and experiments have proved that it also has a good effect on oral diseases.

Although the treatment effect is excellent and sought after by the vast number of consumers, everyone should be extra careful when choosing institutions, doctors, and equipment! To select a treatment institution that must be certified by Fotona’s official website, the most important thing is the choice of the operator of the instrument! To get the best treatment result, M Medi Spa is your best choice. M Medi Spa has the best operators and brief machinery and equipment, a double guarantee for outstanding results!

Because each product has its unique advantages, so the current anti-aging treatments emphasize on comprehensive and combined treatments. Combining the strengths of each product will have the effect of 1+1>2. Therefore, M Medi Spa will provide the best plan based on the guests’ current skin conditions, psychological requirements, economic conditions, and other factors.



Fotona 4D Pro upgrades the old version of smooth mode to v-smooth mode, which has deeper heat conduction to the oral mucosa and a better tightening effect.



From previously the 35 watts to 80 watts, the energy of Fotona 4D Pro is higher than that of 4D, which also means that the wavelength and power of the machine itself have been greatly improved. In particular, the penetration depth of the smooth mode of 4D Pro is more profound than that of 4D, which is equivalent to firming and burning fat.


Fotona 4D Pro has a wide range of action, with more energy than the old version, and the treatment time is reduced by half. Generally, a noticeable lifting effect can be obtained after two or three treatments. Fotona 4D may require three to five treatments to achieve the above results.


Fotona 4D Pro has a short treatment cycle, so it is more cost-effective.


Sensitive muscles are worried about having the skin being damaged when receiving laser wrinkle removal. Fotona 4d pro and pain relief, coupled with the original frac3 and piano modes before the revision, can seal capillaries and improve the effect of red blood streaks. After the treatment, the skin’s elasticity will be enhanced, but the skin tissue will also become thicker.


Fotona 4D Pro is equipped with an intelligent scanning hand tool that can perform non-invasive slimming treatments. The amount of body fat is higher than that of the face. There must be enough power for areas with a lot of fat accumulation for the treatment effect to be ideal. For example, there is an excellent effect for dowager’s hump and fat belly.


1. M Medi Spa is one of the earliest comprehensive medical aesthetic clinics in Toronto and certified by the Canadian medical regulatory agency.

2. Adhere to the Asian aesthetics, and the professional medical team has registered the certification qualification of the Canadian medical organization. Relying on the accumulated rich clinical experience of Asian clients, our medical staff have passed the official high-level training of the head office. They are familiar with the operation of instrumental medical beauty projects, which are safe and risk-free.

3. Before surgery, the center provides professional VISIA skin test and data analysis, 1v1 private consultation, and customized plans according to the client’s current skin conditions and anti-aging needs. During the treatment, the center monitors and grasps the energy output power, pulse width, and pulse transmission combination in real-time to achieve a multi-dimensional anti-aging effect.

4. [professional medical-grade facial mask] is provided after the operation to achieve moisturizing, soothing, repairing, and calming effects and to provide you with the most standardized, safe, and complete Fotona 4D Pro treatment.

5. The comprehensive anti-aging medical and beauty treatment leader in Toronto, a designated institution with authorized genuine top-level equipment. Fotona 4d pro eurostar can be directly combined with Thermage cpt and “Inverse age black technology” for combined treatment to double the final effect.

6. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million, giving you more peace of mind in the rare case if anything ever goes wrong.

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