BTL Exilis RF firming & body sculpting
BTL (UK) has a history of more than 20 years, specializing in research and development, production, and sales of products in the fields of medical esthetics, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and cardiopulmonary. Its products are currently in more than 100 countries around the world. BTL has become one of the essential medical equipment and medical esthetic equipment manufacturers in the world. EXILIS uses hierarchical controllable dynamic monopolar radiofrequency to heat the treatment area effectively, to promote collagen regeneration, and to tighten the skin. By heating fat cells to cause apoptosis to achieve the purpose of body sculpting.

BTL Exilis Radio Frequency Eye Bag Collagen Gun

As the window to the soul, a pair of bright eyes can add a lot to your appearance. Exilis eye bag gun uses the world’s only monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasonic technology. While dissolving the fat in the eye bags, it can remove blockages in the lymph, strengthen blood circulation, remove excess water and toxins, remove eye bags, eliminate dark circles, maintain youthful eyes, and relieve eye fatigue.


Exilis has specially equipped eye probes to ensure that the energy can reach the skin around the eye area directly. It will stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the skin, smooth wrinkles, tightens the skin, improves sagging around the eyes, and makes the skin around the eyes firm, plump and smooth. Restore the brilliance of your eyes!

What is the brand-new eye bag collagen gun?

EXILIS ULTRA360 fourth-generation upgraded eye bag collagen gun is the world’s only FDA-certified safe and reliable ultrasonic fusion monopolar radiofrequency produced by BTL (UK). Collagen XP cooperates with the collagen regeneration technology, the first monopolar radiofrequency combined with ultrasonic blending output. This Collagen XP technology emits regular ultrasonic vibration and 3D circular three-dimensional penetration and reach a comprehensive and uniform thermal effect which can penetrate the bottom layer of the dermis.


It can stimulate collagen regeneration by 51%, tightens loosen collagen and tissues, medically proven skin around the eye area and its firmness can be increased by 36%*; wrinkles and fine lines are reduced by 33%; skin density is increased by 19%, and light loss (or skin dullness) is reduced by 42%.


The 4th generation technology has a 30% higher energy output than the old-style eye bag gun, which can completely repel eye bags, eye lines, and dark circles. The improved probe can effectively control the temperature and 3D circulation. It also has three-dimensional penetration energy to improve the problems of eye bags, wrinkles, sagging, and edema in a 360° full coverage. It is the fastest radiofrequency treatment on the market.

What are the special effects of the eye bag collagen gun?

The 4th generation eye bag gun is equipped with a unique 360-degree probe specially designed for the delicate position of the eye. The real-time synchronized intelligent temperature monitoring technology can effectively control the energy. The newly-added control temperature can accurately heat the skin tissue and achieve safe energy output and the best therapeutic effect. The most significant difference from other radio wave lifting instruments is that it is equipped with a three-wavelengths, which can be set for different types of eye bags so that high heat can reach the bottom of the skin around eye area and ultimately solve the problems of eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles.

The three main functions include:

    • Dissolve excess fat in the deep layer of the eye area
    • To remove toxins and edema through lymphatic drainage
    • Stimulate collagen proliferation and reconstruction, tighten sagging eye bags.

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