BTL Super RF
BTL Super RF is a cutting-edge intelligent overclocking instrument developed by BTL (UK). BTL super radio frequency adopts overclocking 3D technology, which can promote collagen regeneration, improve skin sagging and wrinkles, make facial and body skin firm and smooth, reduce fat, shape, and tighten skin while of personalized lipolysis.

Fat cells are mainly broken down into three components: water, glycerol, and fatty acids. Water and glycerin enter the lymphatic system and are excreted from the body in urine. Fatty acids accelerate metabolism under radiofrequency heating and are absorbed and converted into energy by the liver. The Super RF has no adverse effects on the body in fat decomposition, separation, and metabolism, and it also provides the body with fatty acids. At the same time, the BTL Super RF is crushing the dispersed fat. This solves the root cause of obesity by dispersing the volume and area of fat, and then using radio frequency to accelerate the dissolution and in vitro metabolism to achieve safety and effectiveness.

For a 360-degree treatment of the body, many instruments will have surgical dead ends, but the effect of the BTL fat knife can reach other parts of the body, including the chest, thighs, waist, abdomen, and hands, truly achieving the 360-degree treatment with no dead ends. Treatment of waist and abdomen thinness of 3-4 cm, while ensuring a 100% safety guarantee, can truly apoptosis of fat cells in various body parts, reduce excess fat and fat, and penetrate the subcutaneous collagen to tighten the skin.

BTL Super RF

1.Custom made
The depth of conditioning is set according to the thickness of personal fat, with multiple adjustments, dual conditioning heads for face and body, 360° all-round conditioning, and conditioning is more effective.

The high-energy conditioning head can quickly reach the conditioning temperature, making the conditioning faster and more effective.

Constantly test the contact between the conditioning head and the skin, automatically eliminate energy peaks, and improve conditioning safety.

Directly reach the fat layer by radiofrequency and ultrasound and skip the surface skin layer without any trauma.

The conditioning process is comfortable and painless.

6.Slimming during lunch break
Quick and effective, no downtime

7.Synchronized skin beauty
The radiofrequency acts on the skin to make the skin firm. It synchronizes the effect of tightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Super RF is a wrinkle-removing and anti-aging beauty item equipment. For example, the Thermage that we are familiar with, ultrasonic knife, heat lift, and so on belong to this category. Super RF uses layered controllable dynamic monopolar radiofrequency to heat the operating area effectively, promote collagen regeneration, and tighten the skin; The fat cells are heated to cause their apoptosis to achieve the purpose of body shaping. It is a breakthrough in the current fat-melting and shaping equipment.

Does BTL work well afterwards?

The operating parts are tightened and lifted, fat cells are dissolved and metabolized, and the shaping effect is achieved at the same time;

regenerate subcutaneous elastic fibers, reduce skin fine lines;

the skin will be more delicate than before the treatment.

How many treatments does it take to see the effect?

Each customer loses 3-4 cm at waist and abdomen in a single operation, the treatment ensures safety while ensuring its effectiveness. It can make fat cells apoptosis in the body part, reduce excess fat and cellulite, and penetrate simultaneously. In the subcutaneous collagen layer, it makes the skin firmer and better. It is recommended you undergo 4-6 times for the course of treatment.

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