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Botox can block the connection between muscles and can make the target muscle atrophy and become smaller. Therefore, Botox can treat masseter hypertrophy, calf muscle development, and trapezius muscle development.


Appropriate topical use of type A and type B Botox can eliminate muscle spasms and remove wrinkles. Botox can block the connection between muscles and can make the target muscle atrophy and become smaller. Therefore, Botox can treat masseter hypertrophy, calf muscle development, and trapezius muscle development. If it is facial “dynamic wrinkles,” Botox can smooth wrinkles and stretch wrinkled skin. Botox specifically targets these naturally formed wrinkles due to muscle activity, allowing over-tensioned muscles to “relax,” reducing tension and wrinkles disappearing naturally.


Dynamic lines: also called false wrinkles, wrinkles produced when expression muscles are active (smiling, crying, frowning).

Static wrinkles: also called true wrinkles are caused by skin aging and loss of elasticity. They are caused by non-muscle activity, which are wrinkles that still exist when there is no expression.

M Medi Spa provides professional injection services, focusing on ensuring quality and quantity, injecting the right amount to avoid muscle stiffness, ensuring natural facial expressions, achieving wrinkle-free, smooth and wrinkle-free facial, and regaining age confidence.

There have been countless successful cases of Botobacillus injections worldwide They are safe and efficient, so it has long been popular all over the world. It has become the darling of the anti-aging industry.

Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多

Applicable area and function

  • Stretch wrinkles (such as frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, necklines, etc.)
  • Thin masseter muscle (face-lifting needle)
  • Thin trapezius (thin shoulder needle)
  • Skinny calf muscles (stovepipe acupuncture)
  • Full face, such as full-face firming and lifting

People who are most suitable for Botox treatment

First of all, medical experts will make a comprehensive assessment of your condition and then propose the best solution. Botox is most suitable for people between 18 and 65 years old.

Treatment details

After the consultation, the doctor will comprehensively consider the medical history of the client, the desired effect, the target area, and other details, and formulate the most suitable injection dose. The course of treatment will be completed within 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the amount of drug units in the injected area.

Recovery process

After the injection, the doctor will give a post-operative guideline clearly stating what you need to pay attention to during your recovery at home after the operation. If symptoms of redness, swelling, or soreness occur, they will subside within a few hours. Generally, the effect is fully manifested in about two weeks, and most of them can last for 3 to 6 months.

However, due to individual differences, the adequate time may also vary. After 3 to 5 months, it is recommended to do some additional metering to maintain better and longer-term results. If you do not receive subsequent injections, the muscles will return to their pre-treatment state. At the same time, as the number of botox injections increases, the muscles will gradually shrink, and the effect will last longer and longer.

Side effects of BOTOX

Side effects of the treatment course are less likely to occur, including pain and discomfort, fatigue, headache, drooping eyelids, and allergic reactions.

In most cases, these side effects are mild and subside within a few hours.

We recommend that users elaborate on their health conditions before surgery, including allergic reactions, muscle problems, neurological problems, and whether they are pregnant or not. The consultant will also ask about past medical history.

How much does Botox Cost Toronto?

All treatment courses are tailor-made, and the final cost can be determined after consultation and evaluation by doctors. The specific price depends on the dosage of the drug used and the injection area. At the end of the consultation, the final price of the entire course of treatment will be determined.



Health Canada Approved Botox Brand


Are face-lifting needles, stovepipe needles, and shoulder-slimming needles permanent? How many injections can be stereotyped?

They are not permanent! ! !
Because the main principle of the above treatment course is to help the nerve block through botulinum toxin, so that the muscles relax, atrophy, masseter muscle activity decreases, and the atrophy becomes smaller, so as to achieve the effects of thin face and thin legs. The principle of human muscle growth is that if you use a certain part of the muscle more, the muscle will gradually grow larger. Therefore, if some people have problems with teeth grinding, chewing methods, over-exercise, etc., after a period of time after the injection of Botox, the muscles will slowly grow back.
However, there are many factors that can affect the effect of the face-lifting needle, such as the size of the patient’s face, the injection dose, personal physical fitness, etc., so the effect of the face-lifting needle injection is different for everyone. The effect of continuous injection of 3 injections will be better, and the time to grow back again will be slower, but only can make the effect last longer.

What are the precautions for face-lifting needle, stovepipe needle, and shoulder needle?

Because after all, botulinum toxin has a certain effect on muscles, but it will not be effective at that time. At the same time, it is not suitable for injection during menstrual period, lactation period and pregnancy period.

1. The muscles can be recovered after the injection of botulinum, which means that 3-6 months after the injection, it is theoretically necessary to re-inject to maintain the effect. There are also some people who can maintain a longer time after 2-3 injections. If you want to delay the speed of muscle recovery, you must eat less hard and tough food. Such as nuts, beef jerky, chewing gum, etc. There is also a reduction in excessive exercise of the leg muscles.

2. Do not massage the injection site after injection to prevent the spread of the drug.

3. Try to avoid eating spicy, seafood, stimulating food, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do not stay up late within one week after the injection.

4. There is not much feeling right after the fight. In the later stage, there may be a weakness in chewing, soreness, and weakness in walking, but it does not affect daily life.

5. Discontinue aspirin and aspirin drugs 14 days before the injection of the face-lift needle.

6. Before surgery: Keep the skin clean, free from infection, and not using special drugs such as immunosuppressants or anticoagulants.

7. Postoperative: Try not to go to the sauna, smoke or drink alcohol within 24 hours after the operation, reduce the touch of the injection site, and do not lie down within 4 hours after the injection.


1. M Medi Spa is one of the earliest comprehensive medical aesthetic clinics in Toronto and certified by the Canadian medical regulatory agency.

2. Adhere to the Asian aesthetics, and the professional medical team has registered the certification qualification of the Canadian medical organization. Relying on the accumulated rich clinical experience of Asian clients, our medical staff have passed the official high-level training of the head office. They are familiar with the operation of instrumental medical beauty projects, which are safe and risk-free.

3. Before treatment, the center provides professional VISIA skin test and data analysis, 1v1 private consultation, and customized plans according to the client’s current skin conditions and anti-aging needs. During the treatment, the center monitors and grasps the energy output power, pulse width, and pulse transmission combination in real-time to achieve a multi-dimensional anti-aging effect.

4. [professional medical-grade facial mask] is provided after the operation to achieve moisturizing, soothing, repairing, and calming effects and to provide you with the most standardized, safe, and complete Botox treatment.

5. Front-runner in the treatment of face-lifting, shoulder-shrinking and other medical beauty projects in Toronto. We only use medicines approved by Health Canada for the treatment of Botox.

6. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million. Provide all customers with clinic medical insurance with an insured amount of 2 million, giving you more peace of mind in the rare case if anything ever goes wrong.

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