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What is a mini facelift?

It is a slightly modified version of a traditional facelift. Both are invasive cosmetic procedures that involve the use of incisions to help remove and pull up sagging skin. 

You may be a candidate for a mini version if you’re looking to achieve these goals with fewer incisions and you have less excess skin to remove.

Despite its name, a mini facelift is still a major cosmetic procedure. It’s important to weigh all the benefits versus the costs and risks before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery. 

Here’s some information to help get you started.

Fast facts


  • While a mini facelift uses fewer incisions compared to a traditional facelift, it’s still considered an invasive procedure. 
  • Like all types of surgery, mild side effects are to be expected. These include bruising, pain, and swelling.
  • Severe side effects are rare but may include excessive bleeding and infections.


  • Unlike fillers and other non-invasive anti-aging treatments, performing a mini facelift requires medical training. Only board-certified plastic or dermatological surgeons may perform this procedure.
  • It’s important to find a certified, experienced provider for your mini facelift. This will help ensure a smoother recovery process, too.
  • Recovery time takes several weeks. You’ll likely need to take time off from work.


  • The average cost ranges between $3,500 and $8,000. These costs can vary based on location and provider.
  • Additional costs include your hospital stay and the anesthesia used. Medical insurance doesn’t cover a mini facelift.


  • Overall, it is considered effective in correcting sagging skin in the lower half of your face. 
  • Depending on your overall goals, you may consider additional procedures, such as an eye lift or dermal fillers.


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