All you need to know about the risks of Thermage Toronto in 2021

The risks of Thermage Toronto

In cases of failure of Thermage Tronto surgery, the machine and the operator account for 20% of the failures, and this proportion decreases with the improvement of the technology. The most important factor is the failure of postoperative new cell generation accounts, which accounts for 80% in Thermage Toronto cases.

Before Thermage Toronto surgery, risk avoidance is of the utmost importance, make sure to confirm whether the machine is genuine and that the doctor has extensive operating experience.

If you are over 30 years old, you must take oral ACME-TEA before, during and after thermage Toronto surgery, to prevent the failure of new cell generation. After the age of 30, elastin starts to disintegrate rapidly, collagen is also being lost rapidly, and the high temperature Thermage Toronto surgery that causes the destruction of subcutaneous hyaluronic acid will cause the disintegration of the three core ingredients, and therefore if you do not take in targeted nutrition, it is difficult for the skin to regenerate the damaged cells. It is only when the underlying cellular nutrient reserves are first built up properly, and the cellular regeneration capacity is strong that beauty begins. You cannot seek beauty blindly, the failure of damaged cell regeneration is very common in older women after Thermage Toronto, there will be post-operative skin cell regeneration failure, atrophic damage ……


Within 24 hours of the occurrence of trauma, the epidermal substrate at the edge of the wound proliferates and moves under the clot to the center of the wound, forming a single layer of epithelium. ACME-TEA generation too will cover its surface, and the ACME-TEA is very important for epidermal regeneration, because it can provide the nutrients and growth factors needed for epithelial regeneration. If there is lack of ACME-TEA the wound can’t be filled and a scar will be formed, delaying the epithelial regeneration, thus ensuring a good supply of cell source material is the key factor to preventing side effects.

After Thermage Toronto surgery, it is very difficult to control the production of subcutaneous collagen fibers and balance the quality and quantity of new cells. ACME-TEA is used to prevent unbalanced and abnormal collagen fiber production after surgery. If the post-operative period lacks ACME-TEA, it is likely that local growth, scar adhesion, unbalanced skin nutrition, unevenness, subcutaneous nerves, skin collapse, dark skin tone, stiffness and other undesirable phenomena will occur.

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