How much does Toronto Thermage cost in 2021?

The reason why Thermage Toronto has been so popular since its inception is that the results are really amazing and are definitely hard to beat by using skin care products that cost a few hundred Canadian dollars.

The price of Thermage is about $3000 Canadian per treatment, so, based on an average maintenance time of 1.5 years, it works out at only $5 Canadian a day. This is equivalent to eating one less packet of potato chips every day in return for more than a year of tighter skin, that’s not too bad a deal!

So, how much does Thermage cost to get Thermage treatment in Toronto? The main factors affecting the Thermage Toronto cost are as follows:

1 Thermage cost is associated with the choice of Thermage equipment: the real Thermage is the American version, here’s the official website: There are imitations from South Korea and other regions, which are of much lower quality and do not have the same therapeutic effect. The official website of Thermage has a list, with addresses and phone numbers of all the medical institutions that use genuine Thermage machines, so if you are doing Thermage Toronto, you must look at whether the beauty store is really an officially authorized store of Thermage Toronto.

If the equipment is not right, your money is basically wasted! If the instrument and operator are not officially authorized by Thermage, it’s like using your face as an experiment, way too dangerous!

2 Thermage cost is also connected with the experience level of the selected medical aesthetic technician. Since the number of years and experience of each medical technician are different, as is the skill level, naturally the effect and quality will be different, and a good technician will cost a little bit more. My personal experience is that the importance weighting of a good technician is at least 40%, because she will really make you feel less pain and ensure the result of the treatment is better. For example, how long to concentrate on which parts, which parts are more painful, and how to control the strength of the treatment. Achieving the desired effect without too much pain or even burns, shows the real value of an experienced technician


M Medi Spa’s Thermage official certification

3 Thermage cost is related to the choice of physician. The reputation of experienced physicians is the product of a combination of skills and technology and comes from the accumulation of a lot of experience, so it is important to ask around in advance for recommendations from friends who have had Thermage done and do some homework in advance.

4 Thermage cost is depends on the area of wrinkle removal. The actual price of Thermage naturally varies for different parts of the body, such as the eyes, the forehead and neck, and the face, where it can remove the loose skin from the upper and lower eyelids, the forehead, the eyebrows, and the cheeks, respectively. For example, having just the eyes done is cheaper than treating the full face.

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