The procedure of laser skin tightening is done through the use of lasers to tighten the old and “loose” skin to give the appearance of youthful skin. Radiofrequency skin tightening delivers heat deeply into the skin to cause tightening and lifting of the skin.

The radio frequency skin tightening procedure is used for skin tightening which reduces the signs of aging skin to give you a more youthful appearance. It is a safe, unique, non-invasive, advanced method for tightening skin using computer-controlled radio frequency energy. It is used for non-surgical brow lifts and non-surgical tightening of facial wrinkles, and the treatment of loose skin on the arms, thighs and abdomen. It does not require any recovery time.

What areas can be treated?

The entire face can be treated. It can tighten the skin around the forehead, eyes, eyelids, cheeks, jaw line and neck, creating a mini facelift. The abdomen, arms and thighs can also be treated to tighten the skin.

What results will I see?

Skin is tighter, and wrinkles and looseness are diminished. Skin texture is improved. Since the procedure shrinks oil glands, acne and skin oiliness are improved, pores are refined, and scars minimized.

How does the procedure work?

The top layers of skin are protected with a cooling spray while radiofrequency energy heats the collagen in the lower layers, causing skin to tighten immediately. Over time, new collagen is formed to further tighten skin and produce a more youthful appearance. This procedure is the only non-invasive method used to tighten loose skin.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the building block that supports the structure of the skin. With aging, collagen becomes depleted or damaged by the sun, smoking or other environmental factors. The results are visible signs of aging, such as loose skin and wrinkles.

Is the radiofrequency skin tightening procedure painful?

With each pulse, there is a cooling sensation, followed by a brief heating sensation as the collagen in the deep layers of skin is tightened, and then another cooling sensation. For comfort, a mild oral analgesic is given. The procedure itself takes about one hour.

When will I see results?

Some tightening occurs shortly after treatment, but it usually takes two to eight months to see the full response.


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